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Culture Metrics

What is Culture Metrics and why do I need it?

“Culture Metrics” enables you to understand how your employees feel about the organisation they are working for. It is a program created to provide early warning of cultural issues in the workplace that can lead to staff alienation. It identifies menacing management practices that risk fostering negative and counterproductive employee behaviour such as sabotage, risk, excessive risk-taking and disregard for corporate compliance.

Culture Metrics enables the implementation of remedial action steps before potential problems actually turn into financial and reputational losses.

How does Culture Metrics work?

The core of Culture Metrics is a web-based survey which tracks employees’ attitudes over time, determines trends and changes, thus allowing senior clients to detect where management practices are undermining staff loyalty.

Although simple for staff to take, the survey is based on sophisticated behavioural psychology, offering results on five different levels for our specialists to interpret:

  1. Employee’s perception of corporate deceit: the sense that the image presented by the company to the public is a pack of lies;
  2. Perceived inequity: the idea that some people in the organisation are treated very differently than others;
  3. Bullying and mistreatment: the belief that some senior people are callous, uncaring, nasty and manipulative and that the employee is the victim;
  4. Distrust: the perception that the organisation does not even trust its own people because, perhaps, it has put in place a number of devious systems to spy on them;
  5. Broken promises, or expectations not being met.

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