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Cyber Threat Intelligence

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence and why do I need it?

Being one step ahead of potential cyber threat actors can save your organisation millions in resources and reputation. That is why here, at PGI, we have created the Cyber Threat Intelligence service, which identifies instances of attack planning and network breaches before they cause irremediable damage to your company.

How does Cyber Threat Intelligence work?

By utilising our proprietary unique intelligence tool, MI:FUSION, the Cyber Threat Intelligence team of analysts monitor and record social media, the wider internet and the infamous dark web in order to:

  • Identify key indicators that a network has been compromised;
  • Profile individuals and groups that use tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) reported in the attack;
  • Monitor developments of potential vulnerabilities within industrial control systems (ICS), Wi-Fi and GPS systems to provide advanced threat warning.

Our aim is to offer you the actionable intelligence you need at the right time, in the most effective and accessible format. The Cyber Threat Intelligence assessments can be delivered to you in a number of ways, from one-off reports to daily verbal and written pieces.

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