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Geo-Cyber Threat Assessment

What is a Geo-Cyber Threat Assessment and why do I need it?

The widespread cyber threat is highly menacing on its own. In the event of a disruptive geo-political incident, the threat can increase to preposterous extents. At PGI, we acknowledge the importance of geo-political factors when conducting our in-depth threat assessments. That is why we have created the Geo-Cyber Threat Assessment service for our clients.

To provide you with the actionable intelligence necessary for maintaining business continuity, our Geo-Cyber Threat Assessments take cyber threat analysis to the next level. PGI’s intelligence experts identify the geo-political events that have the potential to trigger cyber risks and monitor profiled individuals, as well as groups, for insightful intelligence that could help mitigate future threats.

We can deliver our assessments in the best way that suits your organisation, be it as one-off whitepapers or regular/daily verbal and written briefings.

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