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HawkEye G

How can HawkEye G help me stay safe from cyber threats?

“Anti-virus is dead”, according to Norton’s Brian Dye. The world of malware has changed drastically over the past years and one major problem has arisen: what can organisations do to protect their digital assets from the fast evolving cyber threats?

PGI Cyber has the solution: HawkEye G, our Advanced Malware Defence capability developed by Hexis Cyber Solutions using the leading-edge intelligence community applications and the input of analysts that understand the attacker’s mind-set.

HawkEye G is incredibly fast, automated at desired level and always one step ahead of cyber threats, therefore being able to detect, engage and remove malware at blazingly fast speeds. PGI Cyber’s Protective Monitoring service works hand in hand with HawkEye G to take the fight to the malware and successfully eliminate it.

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