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What is MI:FUSION and why do I need it?

At PGI, we believe that information is power. That is why we have created MI:FUSION, the all-inclusive unique intelligence tool to help track, manage and employ the colossal amount of information available on the Internet.

MI:FUSION channels best of breed technologies and enterprise search technology to enable powerful data analytics, which allow organisations to generate strong and cogent intelligence reports by the using a wide array of Open Sources, such as OSINT and HUMINT.

What makes MI:FUSION one-of-a kind is its ability to harness web content, social media and news sources feed in real time, while storing all data securely and in a fully auditable format. It makes intelligence accessible instantly, as well as post-event, which would not be possible by using traditional open source tools.

Powerful, easy to use, flexible, innovative and completely measurable, MI:FUSION is the ultimate intelligence and analysis business enhancement.

What features does MI:FUSION offer?

MI:FUSION offers a wide range of advanced features, including:

  • Case management;
  • People Search;
  • Data Harvester;
  • Advanced search;
  • Trending and tracking;
  • Reporting;
  • Report customisation.

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