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SIEM Managed Solution

What is the SIEM Solution and how can it help my organisation?

For those who already have an in-house cyber-security capability, but are aware of the magnitude of today’s cyber threats and want to enhance their network security, we have the tool that can match their unique needs: PGI Cyber Security Information and Event Monitoring Managed Solution.

As part of PGI Cyber Protective Monitoring service, our cutting edge SIEM Managed Solution utilises ultramodern, highly sophisticated software that combines security information management with security event management by performing real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications.

How does the SIEM Managed Solution work?

In conjunction with PGI’s team of Security Analysts and Incident Handlers, the SIEM managed solution:

  • Monitors the customer environment for cyber threats;
  • Flags any activities that breach business policy or present any known business risk;
  • Identifies activities that indicate misuse, inappropriate access, data leakage or fraud;
  • Prioritises the level of the event or incident in line with the Service Level Agreements (SLA);
  • Presents information for prompt interpretation;
  • Prioritises threats so that security staff can focus on the areas of greater risk;
  • Presents a dynamic real-time view of all connections and activities across the network.
  • Recommends any actions to resolve or mitigate any ongoing activity;
  • Collects event data and audit trails in the direction of forensic storage for future investigations or trend analysis.

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