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Secure System Design

What does Secure System Design mean and why do I need it?

When it comes to IT security, having a secure system in place for your data to be stored and transmitted is crucial. However, even the best security systems and software can prove defective if your data is vulnerable to interception when in transit. As experts Gary McGraw and John Viega note in their book, “Building Secure Software”, "Security practitioners often point out that security is a chain; and just as a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, a software security system is only as secure as its weakest component."

PGI’s Secure System Design service is part of our complex offer of Information Assurance services. All members of our team are experts in the design and deployment of highly secure communication networks, especially for sites located in high risk geographical locations. By combining the right knowledge and experience in the field of cyber security with the principles of secure design, we create and implement solutions that enable clients to set up practical security measures for either fixed remote locations or mobile devices used in the field.

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